Fotogalerie: CASTLES, TRIPS etc...

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Liberec and its history
Town Hall, Museum, Liberec Castle, Liberec Gallery.

Have a nice walk in the middle of Liberec, in its historic parts and lead your steps to the local ZOO and the Botanical Garden.

ZOO Liberec is the oldest zoo in the Czech Republic.

Botanical Garden has also its history and modern pavilions with various flora.

The ZOO and the Garden are next to each other.


Next nice TRIPS :

Czech SwitzerlandPravčická Gate

Another day trip tip (50 km), a combination of a car and walking trip. Stunning rock complex with the largest rock gate in Europe. Czech Switzerland is a national park with many observatories, footpaths, and romantic places.

On the way it is possible to stop in Kamenický Šenov to see a unique rock formation in a shape of an organ.


Sychrov Mansion – 25km from our pension Margareta
The castle has variety of exhibitions and is one of the most visited and one of the most beautiful mansions in the Czech Republic.


Ještěd  - 21 km from our pension Margareta
Marvelous view of Liberec and all surroundings from the top of this mountain where tourists will also find a hotel and a restaurant. To be in the Liberec region and not to visit Ještěd would be a shame. You can get there by car, by bike or by walking, it depends on you. From us it is 19 km to the top, the last few kilometres, though, are really steep. You can use a chair lift or gondola if you prefer.


Frýdlant Castle - 25 km from our pension Margareta
Very large complex where you will get one of the longest excursions in the Czech Republic. Bike or car ride, with possibility of swimming at Mlynice. 


Grabštejn Castle – 6 km from our pension Margareta

Then you can swim at Kristina lake or play golf on the Grabštejn Golf course.


Lemberk Mansion – 5 km from our pension Margareta

Bezděz Castle  + Mácha´s Lake - 35 km from our pension Margareta

You can spend a day in the castle and then bath or swim or take a boat ride on Macha’s Lake.